We are the first Virtual Reality Arcade in Bensonhurst, using the PC powered HTC VIVE PRO Headsets.

Come play our many latest single and multiplayer games!

What to Expect:

*You’ll have your very own station with access to all of our games and experiences for the amount of time you’d like to play

*Our staff will make recommendations on what games you may enjoy starting off with and go from there

*Our staff will keep a watchful eye and instruct you on controls so you don’t get frustrated in some of the more advanced games

Virtual Reality is slowly but surely becoming more and more a part of our future. So why is Virtual Reality so amusing? VR is a computer powered, interactive technology that uses human vision and senses to construct a virtual experience.

VR headsets like the Oculus or Google Daydream became purchasable to the general public in 2016, and everyone thought that VR would be a standard and accessible gaming option by then. Be that as it may, things didn’t go according to plan, and nowadays VR arcades are drawing more attention than ever.

Futuristic VR Arcade, Bensonhurt’s first virtual reality arcade, is here and it’s awesome. With perceptive and user-friendly VR installations, VR ecosystems are brought to life. Players can sense a new, deeply engaging, and fast-paced type of gaming without needing to pay a big price for costly VR hardware.

As soon as you step into Futuristic, you are taken to a VR bay. A member of their team will give you a rundown of the basics as you put on the gear so there is no confusion. After that, you just pop on the goggles, start the game, and you are absorbed into another world. Futuristic gives priority to keeping the arcade clean and snug, but spacious enough to play. You will see a monitor that shows the player’s perspective if anyone else wants to watch your gameplay. The bays are versatile enough to be arranged for room-scale movement or sitting players.

Futuristic goes above and beyond to stand out compared to at-home VR. They have multiple VR bays inside and 80 different games, like zombie games, shooting games, and simulation games. The team members give personalized recommendations for you and your group

If gaming isn’t your thing, you have other options. Some of the virtual reality experiences involve simply interacting with an environment of your choice. Can’t decide which experience you want to have? No worries, the staff gives personalized recommendations for you.

Futuristic VR Arcade is evidently doing something right: arranging a crazy, entertaining experience that people of all ages can appreciate, while getting rid of the difficulty that comes with setting up VR.

The arcade is designed to provide superior VR experiences in a cultivated, family-friendly place. You won’t even be distracted by the sounds of nearby gameplay because you will be making the most of VR in your very own station, wearing a PC powered HTC VIVE PRO headset. You will actually feel like you are in another world, and not only that, but you get to choose which world to experience. If having access to every single game offered isn’t inviting enough, Futuristic also uses a system powered by computers with exceptional graphics.

So if you’re looking to host a group event, like a school trip, work event, or birthday party, Futuristic VR Arcade is your best bet for a good time.

If you plan on playing VR regularly, you can join Futuristic’s loyalty program where you get awarded points towards your account for every session you play. Those points can be redeemed later on for free sessions!

Futuristic VR Arcade is an absolute bucket list experience for kids and adults and an absolute must-see location in Brooklyn. I suggest stopping by if you want a smooth VR experience that you will definitely remember.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is Futuristic VR Arcade?

As a virtual reality arcade, we offer a variety of virtual reality games and experiences. Boasting a library of over 80 experiences and games, we are sure to find something that you may like.

2. What games and experiences do you offer?

We offer a variety of games, from music/rhythm games, to zombie shooting games and simulation games. If you’re not too inclined to play any games we offer virtual reality experiences where you can interact with your environment or just look around such as riding a roller-coaster, walking off a plank on top of a skyscraper and looking under the ocean with whales and jellyfish. We offer over 80 unique experiences and will gladly help you find the perfect one.

3. What age do you have to be to play?

We offer games and experiences for groups of all ages. We do recommend an age of 6 and up, as toddlers may not be comfortable wearing headsets however we can always try to accommodate. We also offer games for a more mature audience with games that may include gore, etc.

4. How many games can we play at a time?

You are always allowed to switch games at any time as long as you have time left in your session. Every game that we offer is at each station so there is no need to switch stations; with a click of a button, you can switch games easily and effortlessly.

5. What’s the difference when I pay for single-player VS. multiplayer?

When you pay for single-player you are paying for experiences for a single person with access to single-player games. When you pay for multiplayer you are paying for experiences in which can be played both single-player and multiple people at the same time, up to 4 players. You will be in the same game, be able to communicate and have fun together.

6. What is the loyalty program?

If you decide to sign up for the loyalty program, we will award points towards your account every time you purchase a session. You can then later redeem those points for free sessions.

7. When are you open?

We are open 7 days a week, Monday to Friday: 1pm – 9pm, Saturday: 11am -10pm, Sunday: 12pm – 8pm.

8. What can I do if I have a group of more than 4 players?

If you have a group of more then 4 players you can reserve one of the packages that we offer which include a 2-hour session in or outside of business hours and a rotation of players among stations. Inquire within for more information.

9. Are there any packages, events or promotions I should be aware of?

We offer a birthday package as well as various standard packages for large groups of players.
We also have a weekly schedule of events which have choice games to be played at a lower rate. Inquire within for more information.

10. Should I worry about germs and bad hygiene?

Absolutely not, we ensure that every headset and controller is wiped down regularly as to avoid any unnecessary germs or transfer of germs. We use alcohol wipes to wipe down every aspect of the headset. We also have disposable face masks to keep customers from directly contacting the front of the headset.